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My Subjective Summary of The Following S01E14 - the product of a crazed mind [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My Subjective Summary of The Following S01E14 [Mar. 8th, 2015|01:54 pm]
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[mood |obsessed]

The End Is Near


Gee, Joe. What are you watching with your shirt all open (lets ignore the stabwound Claire gave you) and you rubbing against your lips like that.


Ah, right. Watching your nemesis having sex with a woman you planted as his next door neighbour...


Grabbing tissues. I know they're for Joe's wound, but still, my mind...

004Ah, some insight into Ryan's psyche, which Joe latches onto. And replays. Again. And again.


Joe admits he's been “a tad erratic.” I don't know how Emma puts up with him, but she loves him, so she does. She forgives him, even though he'll be the downfall of them all.

011I've never really thought about it, but it must be awkward putting your hands on your hips when there's a gun strapped to your side, just look.


And back at the house of psychos...


Jacob's actually talking some sense. Nobody should be trusting Joe, especially now he's drinking so much and taking all those pain meds. How has Joe not overdosed yet? Pity Emma follows Joe and not Jacob.

Joe tells Claire that he's finished the rewrite, and that he couldn't find a single good reason to keep Claire's character alive. Claire acts so shocked. Did she think that she'd get away with stabbing a psycho cult leader? But I admire the fight Claire puts up. Always.

The FBI (because of Ryan Hardy) find the house, and search it just to find one dead guy. Why would you hang yourself just because Joe Carroll asks you to?


No, Joe, Emma, Jacob and Claire aren't at the house. They've invaded loving couple Vicky and Phil's home, and hold the pair (and Claire makes three) hostage.


I love that Ryan can see straight through Joe's games. Joe is trying way too hard to show that he's still in control, which means he's not. He always tries too hard with Ryan.

030Look at Joe leaving love notes for Ryan, and in such fancy penmanship too.

033Aww, Ryan's face when he sees a bloody picture of Claire.


And look at Debra trying to give him hope. Joe hasn't killed Claire yet. Ryan's the hero in the story. Joe will give him the opportunity to save her.

038“He's going to give me the opportunity to witness her death.” Oh Ryan! I don't even have anything witty to say, because I just want to hug them so much right now. Him, and Debra, and Claire.

039Clare deserves all the hugs for putting up with Joe's bs. How come when Claire is a martyr, Joe pulls that face. When Ryan is a martyr, he gets cast as the hero? Joe, your bias is showing, and it's just weird to love your nemesis more than you love your wife.

041Look at Emma looking at Jacob whilst he freaks out. Jacob didn't sign up for this. He signed up for Emma, but Emma is in it for Joe. Poor Jacob.


“Hey, where are you going?” Mike always notices what Ryan is up to. He is such a puppy when it comes to Ryan, it's adorable.

050Mike makes it really hard not to ship Hardston, but Ryan does his best to make it impossible to ship him and anybody. (Ryan fails miserable, because he falls so hard and fast for people and it is so cute, no matter how he tries to resist or deny it)

Crazy cultist stabs a reporter and they're letting Ryan question her? Don't they remember the time he broke Joe's hand? The hot actress from the pilot's character got transferred because of it.

064Aw, look at Ryan's face as the crazy chick says, “You. It was meant for you.” No wonder Ryan is riddled with guilt.

Oh wow, Ryan is actually asking her where he can find Claire, not Joe. But crazy cultist replies “In death, there is everything.”

069Yep. Told ya. Mike wanted to go in there, but Debra stopped him.


Honestly, I'm not convinced of the whole “Claire must die so Ryan can be reborn” canon that Joe is preaching. Joe just wants to kill her out of jealousy, to get to Ryan. It's all for Joe/Ryan reasons.

Meanwhile, Claire is trying to talk some sense into Joe, telling him he shouldn't hurt the couple whose house they've invaded. He could use them to give the FBI a message. Joe is the one who mentions Ryan, but dismisses the idea because he's already dealt with that. Ryan knows Joe is going to kill her.

Joe adds that Ryan is about to have a very busy few hours, but he does find it terribly sweet Claire is trying to save the couple's life. It is a very strange threesome between Claire/Ryan/Joe. They share a lot of the same qualities.

But when Joe's verbally torturing the husband and Claire asks him to stop, he tells her “Just serve the wine, Claire.” He'd never say something like that to Ryan. He then proceeds to lecture Claire about marriage vows. He's delusional, and I think he's rejected the fact Claire divorced him.

I love Jacob's exasperation when cops come to the door of the house and Emma shoots them because they've figured out they're not supposed to be here.

What is Joe made of? Claire previously stabbed him with a knife, now she smashes a wine bottle over his head and sticks a fork into his wounds, and he's still determined to go through his plan. It's Ryan who fuels him. Poor Claire has little effect on him, even though she's badass.

078Look at this team figuring out the Carroll Cult's plan. Pity they can't stop it in time.

084This is a super serious scene as a lot of people are about to be killed, but here I am flailing over a Hardston pic. I am watching this show wrong, but I don't care.

Oh God. The scene when that woman strikes the woman and she seems fine but then her head starts bleeding, with Ryan trying to make sure she's okay. I've had that nightmare. Will probably be having it a few more times thanks to this show.

Turner is stabbed in the heart, but like Ryan, he survives. I guess it depends on character shields, although knowing what's coming up... ouch.

088I just wanna hug Mike Western right now, so much.

089I want to hug Debra. I want to hug all the real FBI team, assuming they're for real, because it's hard to know who you can trust in this show, and they do a good job of showing that.

Why is it always the woman that falls? Claire helps up the female half of the couple and whilst the couple flee to safety, she is caught by Jacob and Emma.

It is hard to trust anybody. New characters are either going to try to kill your favourite characters or be killed. The FBI Agent Debra saw is killed and then she is kidnapped.

“I am really beginning to hate you.” I'm getting really mixed messages from Joe about Claire. I think she's awesome, but she's not doing what he wants and that's not acceptable to him.

Jacob's not playing by the book now too. He's the sanest one, who points out that all those people just gave up their lives to be a part of Joe's book and he doesn't understand any more. Jacob doesn't want to die for Joe. He's going to leave, with or without Emma. So Emma kills him.

091They actually showed us the evil cultist hammering the nails into Debra Parker's coffin, and we hear her sobs even after the picture stops.

Talk about a cliff-hanger. I swear, the writers are more evil than Joe Carroll.

I'm hooked.