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My Subjective Summary of The Following S02E02 - the product of a crazed mind [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My Subjective Summary of The Following S02E02 [Feb. 27th, 2015|04:27 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Usually, I like the Following because I root for the hero over the villain. I root for Ryan Hardy over Joe Carroll. (Unlike Hannibal where I want to protect Hanni from Will and B rejecting him and breaking his heart) But this,


When prostitutes are this pretty, my ethics go out of the window. I love Carrie Preston so much. I need to stop drooling and remember what this show is about.


It's about Joe's beard. No, wait, that can't be right. But look at that thing. It's like it's trying to upstage Joe Carroll, and that's a hard task considering what a ham he is. My egocentric psychopath. And if he insisted on faking a country accent any more I'd murder him myself.


It made Carrie Preston's character smile, though, so maybe I'll forgive him.


Aw, my hero has owwies. I get super protective over Ryan. He's so broken. I utterly adore him.


Mandatory shot of my hero drinking. At least it's coffee this time.


Ah, the internet has made it so easy to stalk people. Here is my hero, stalking Lily Gray. Damn, even though he likes to keep himself pretty guarded he really does fall fast, and usually for the wrong people. Look at him. He's smitten.

Plot stuff. Gray's international house of psychos, not that we're supposed to know that yet. The twins are creepy as as all Hell, so let's ignore their stuff. (I may be watching this show wrong. I don't care)


Questioning Lily about Joe isn't going as Ryan hoped. He looks so defeated. I just want to give him a hug and tell him that he's right, and he's going to get the bad man.


Lily really does understand Ryan. She knows which buttons to press. How to get him to follow her.


Joe's contempt of religion is so ironic knowing what happens next. It's so Joe.


If looks could kill. Well, there definitely still is a killer inside of Joe. Can't stay bottled up forever.

No picture, but are all serial killer such good cooks? I'm talking about the Twins “family dinner”


Way to almost shoot your niece, Ryan.


I love Max. “I left messages. You don't call me back, I storm your place, that's how this works.” She's trying to talk some sense into her Uncle, but he's even trying to push her away now.


Whilst the prostitute's away, you're letting a serial killer parent your child. He's kinda not the worse dad ever, but still.


Poor Ryan, trying to have a normal conversation and then one of the Twins calls to tell him about the crime they've committed. I love how much trouble everyone goes to to make sure their phones can't be tracked, but everybody seems to have everybody's number anyway.

It's all for Ryan. Luke wants to know if Ryan enjoyed their work. They're honouring Carroll, but it's all about Ryan. They don't get that the good guy can't “enjoy” their work, but it does give him a purpose.

“They called me. They want me.” Ryan doesn't even care that he could be walking into a trap.

At least the Twins only killed the parents, and spared the boy. My hero + little kid = me swooning. I hope some day he can be a father, but he's too messed up right now.


Look at Joe, eating snacks all sexily, watching a documentary on serial killers, on himself. His ego is gonna be his downfall.

Oh Ryan. I love you, but the FBI isn't happy with you, and you're smart mouthing them. Yes, you are smarter than them, but when you point it out they don't like it.


Working with Ryan isn't easy, and even Mike is struggling.

Ryan really shouldn't answer the phone considering how many psychos call him. One of the Twins calls him, and Ryan profiles him. Bad move, earning him the nickname “Mr. Death”, being teased about Claire's death, and hinting that Lily is in danger.


Meanwhile, back in Arkansas, the Reverend has popped round hoping for some time with Carrie Preston's character. He switches on the TV and finally puts two and two together. It's little Mandy who hits the Reverend with a shovel though. She really is turning into Joe's little girl.


“I'm here now, so how about you leave the lady alone and come after me. I'm the one you really want.” Oh Ryan.

The Carroll masks are super freaky, so no screencaps of them.


My dashing hero. Super flawed, but that's why I love him. And he is trying to save the girl. Can't fault him for that.

Luke stayed to gloat, so Ryan clipped him in the shoulder with a bullet. Man is badass.


Mike is so aggressive with Ryan, but nothing else seems to have gotten through his thick skin. The FBI are the good guys. He should be working with them, not against them. With Mike, at least. His What the Hell, Hero speech is impressive, but poor Ryan. And when Mike tells him “I'm done with you.”


Aw, Ryan. Mike doesn't mean it. He still loves you, he's just angry you keep cutting him out and pushing him away. He'll be back. The bad guys will ensure of it.


Oh Ryan. You're so eager to try and make things better, make things right. Her telling him that he helped, oh my heart.


Meanwhile, back in Arkansas, I'm afraid I don't have any decent pictures of Joe Carroll's orgasm face whilst he's killing the Reverend, so here's the post-orgasm face.


Punk!Emma learning that Joe Carroll might be alive.


erm, Joe? Look at you trying to be a better father, but you wouldn't have to comfort the girl if you hadn't murdered the Reverend in the first place. But now that the murderer has been released, I guess there's no putting him back in the box. Not unless you're Ryan.

And that's my commentary for this episode. I plan on doing more, but they will probably be sporadic and not in order. I'd love to hear your take on the episode/show. Are you a Joe Carroll or a Ryan Hardy follower? Where is the fandom for this show?