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My Rinchy Recap of Person of Interest S02E15 Booked Solid - the product of a crazed mind [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My Rinchy Recap of Person of Interest S02E15 Booked Solid [Feb. 15th, 2013|07:36 pm]
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Finch seems in a chipper mood. He's talking. True, it's educational facts, but the idea that when he's happy he freely spouts knowledge is appealing to me.


“You find my fascination with hotels to be peculiar, don't you?”

“You sharing anything personal is peculiar.”



Talking whilst dressing. I like how Reese's vest has a v-neck to show off his chest, but Harold's is a simple t-shirt revealing very little. True to their characters.

I love how Reese is testing the waters. He knows Harold's aliases, and is almost bragging victoriously. Previously, that would anger or frustrate private Harold. But his reaction this time:



Zoe. I love her and think she's kick-ass, but I've always thought her crush on Reese was one-sided. Reese closed his eyes when he got in the elevator with her, but I don't think that was to quench arousal. It was to get into character.


“Mr. Reese, could you please try not to get fired before lunch?” Poor Finch.

Reese really likes this girl, but he referred to her as a girl, so I think it's not a sexual thing, he just likes her attitude. She's a survivor.


Finch is the best concierge ever. He knows everything, and to say he's not really a people person he's so good at providing efficient service with a smile, whilst also hacking into the hotel's servers.


Harold looks alarmed to realize his contact, the one he'd worked for? previously, has a corrupt side operation.


Uhoh. Bad guy alert. He's out of Rikers, and looking for Reese. This does not sound good.

Carter decides it's time for her boyfriend, the one with a corrupt Godfather, was it? to meet her son. And she also looks set to get a promotion... if she passes the polygraph.


Look at Carter's body language when she's on the phone to Finch. He gives her tips to pass the polygraph, helps put her at ease, and she really seems to listen to him.

Seems that Derek may be running a prostitution ring from the hotel. Reese says “the sooner we can confirm it, the sooner we can go home” Reese uses the word “we” a lot. Harold seems perfectly content at the hotel, it's only Reese who doesn't like it, so it would have probably made more sense for him to say “I” because he's the only one who wants to go “home”, but nope, for Reese it is always “we”

That's the British voice from the start. I always get suspicious when I hear a British accent, but I'm really hoping he's one of the good guys.


Reese really doesn't look amused about being hit on by the random female hotel guest. Instead he dashes off to save the number, except he just charges in without thinking.


I love the fact that Reese physically checks in with Harold as often as he can. It's not enough to just hear his voice, he has to see him too.

Zoe's approach with the suspicious guy isn't exactly subtle, but it works. It's not just one suspicious guy, it's a whole hit squad who mechanically switch positions to cover the gaps in their surveillance. There's more to this maid than meets the eye.

The spotter has a file on the Brit journalist. Okay, so, the Brit accused a guy of war crimes and the maid is the one who can testify to that, but she doesn't want to because she just wants to be safe.


Back-up = Fusco

Although when the hit goes down, Reese is able to save the girl but all that's left of the British guy is a blood stain.

Reese told the number to “wait here” whilst he goes next door to investigate the people who planted the bug. I know Reese isn't exactly a people person, but the number almost got her head blown off when she went to check in him. He should know civilians rarely do as they're told.

Yikes, now she's in the elevator with a member of the hit squad. How will she get out of this alive?

Finch has stalled the elevator, but the other assassins are leaving their post, one collecting a large piece of luggage. Finch's face when he realizes the British journalist's body is in there:


Interesting angle there. John the Giant.


Aww, Harold. All that time as a concierge has made him more personable. He introduces himself to the number via the elevator radio. So cute.

“Hello. My name is Harold. I work with John.” With John.


I love action!Fusco, but it's really sad to get confirmation that the British guy was really dead.

Honestly, Finch. You shouldn't blindly take Reese's word that it's all over. So, he cleaned all trace of himself off the system. Finch looks so lost now his role of concierge is over.


Yikes. During a lie detector test is not a good time to be told your boyfriend may be a dirty cop.

Oh Reese. You really should learn better than to tempt fate like that. “I've got the disk. Meet you back at the library.” Reese looks excited to meet up with Finch again, so of course this has to happen:


Reese has been kidnapped, Carter hasn't got the FBI job, and Fusco has taken the number to the precinct where one of the hit-men is pretending to be the victim of a mugging.

Oh, evil goon. Reese will never give up Finch's identity, not even if you threaten to burn off his pretty face.


Gun Fu. The number is safe when Carter is around.


I do think Finch likes to play matchmaker to Reese and Zoe, but Reese still has to brag about Harold.

“And to make sure this place is run properly, Harold here bought the hotel.” Harold. Not Finch. Finch, is as modest as ever. He simply shrugs and replies, “It needed proper management”


Harold is leaving with the woman to “go over the event calender for the month”. I think that could be a euphemism. I couldn't figure out why Reese was touching her arm, but he's trusting her with Harold and I think that was a touch to express that.

Reese implied he's going to be spending the night with Zoe, on Harold's dime. But Zoe drinks what Harold drinks. She's expressed interest in him. Reese has been stuck in a suit and a tie all day. If he does have sex with her that night, I doubt he'll be thinking completely of her. It's certainly not a romantic love, or they'd have shared a kiss. It's just a release of tension. I'm actually tempted to write that fic.

Gah! That ending. Root has been posing as Miss May, the personal assistant to Rikers guy's boss. Just what is she planning?



[User Picture]From: chimera_12
2013-02-18 10:56 pm (UTC)
Nice recap! Especially with the photos.
"Reese says “the sooner we can confirm it, the sooner we can go home” Reese uses the word “we” a lot."
How did I miss that!!! Thanks for sharing... ^_^
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: beautybecks
2013-02-19 08:54 pm (UTC)
You're very welcome. This was great fun to put together, so I'm glad you enjoyed it.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: imkalena
2013-03-29 01:50 am (UTC)
Late to the party, but I really enjoyed your recap. :)
(Reply) (Thread)