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Person of Interest Recap S02E16 Relevance [Feb. 22nd, 2013|03:24 pm]
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I was so thrown by the shortened credit sequence that I missed most of that important obscure back-story we get at the start. I love Michael Emerson's voice, and I demand more of it, not less.


Ah, the beautiful Sarah Shahi. I remember watching "Life" and having an equal crush on her and Adam Arkin.


Oh boy that's hot. (I really hope you're not expecting any witty commentary for this episode)

I know I should be worried about Shaw in this intense situation she's got herself (gassing a room full of guys making a dirty bomb,
interesting move), but I tend to worry about techies more. I hope her partner isn't corrupt or doesn't get himself killed.

I love the parallels set up between Shaw and her partner. “We've got another number”, “they never stop coming” but I really miss Reese and his partner. It's been almost 10 minutes and I really, really miss Harold.


I do have a thing for techies. I love the brain/brawl relationship, but I do think it's hotter for a guy to use his mind and a woman to use her fighting skills. Don't know why.


Reese may be going for “a guy in a suit” look, but Shaw spots him immediately, and gets cautious.


I wonder if the code within these transitions actually mean anything.

Yikes. That's a pretty deep conversation between Shaw and her partner, about how can they be so sure that the numbers are bad, how they don't know where the numbers come from. Reese and Finch get their numbers from a machine, but Shaw suspects that the numbers they get are gained through torture. I'd choose a machine passively invading my privacy over barbarous torture any day.


Yay, Harold! Okay, so I still haven't seen his face but I'd recognize his work anywhere and I've missed him so much I'm practically hugging the screen.

And, now I'm on the verge of tears. Shaw's partner realized too late, so he protected Shaw by taking several bullets to the back. And now he's apologizing! Don't, please, you're breaking my heart.


She's watched her partner die right in front of her, only with his last words realizing how much she meant to him. You see, this is why Reese should confess his crush on Harold before this happens to one of them. My heart is aching so badly right now!



Finally, they're properly introduced. And she shoots him. I don't blame her, one bit. She just lost her partner. I'd probably be trigger-happy too. Thank goodness Reese is wearing a vest, but he's going to be mighty bruised.

Wow. This is a really lousy day for Shaw. Her partner dies, she shoots the guy trying to help her, she has to jump out of the building using a body to soften her landing, she then sees the damage John caused outside and realizes he was there to help her, then she bumps into her boss talking to the Goons asking if she's dead yet.

Shaw got away, but her boss Wilson is still at large and checks in with his boss.


Seriously, this guy needs to be stopped already. Not only does he control the Riker's guy who wants Reese dead, it looks like he's
pulling several other strings too. Not to mention the fact that a certain person is posing as his personal assistant.


Bloody hell. Shaw is shot, but still running rings around the bad guys and is going to do surgery on herself? Finch, you find her and
fix her, please. That's your specialty. You've had plenty of practice with Reese.


She passed out, woke up to even badder guys who had taken her gun, but still managed to take them all out with her back-up piece. Awesome.

Uhoh. Shaw has gone to Root for help. Root seems to have as many aliases as Harold. Okay, so perhaps it's less of an alias and more of
a fact she tied up the real woman and stole her identity for the meet.


Root, do you kidnap and detain everybody you're a “big fan of”. She's still obsessed with the Machine, but has to dash just as she's about to torture Shaw. Wilson's men are on their way.


Oh Reese, I'd recognize the back of your head anywhere, so rescue Shaw already. And take her to Finch. Please. Not that Shaw needs him
to rescue her. As one of the guys leans over to put a deadly syringe in her, she grabs his gun and shoots him with it, still tied to the chair. But I still need Reese to take her to Finch.

“I've got a friend who wants to talk to you.” Oh Reese, that's adorable. You can't say “My boss wants to speak with you”, nope. You take every opportunity to call Harold a friend.

I love the really long pan as we finally, FINALLY get to meet Harold this episode.


Awwww. John's habit has rubbed off on Harold. Shaw asks him, “You're the man in charge?” Harold's reply: “No. Nobody's in charge. My
friend and I help people.” Harold is now referring to John as a friend, and it could be within John's earshot this time.

I always get so mesmerized by Harold's voice that I forget to take screenshots. When he's giving these intense speeches, I just want to watch and listen. He's trying to explain, and he's doing it very well but it's also mixed with the guilt of his past, even though we don't know what that is yet. I hang on his every word.

“Set out to correct the world's wrongs and you'll almost certainly wind up adding to them.” The voice of experience.


Harold gives her his number


Which she gives back. I understand. She doesn't know him. She's lost her only friend. She's a lone wolf. But she can't stay running forever, and I want her to accept help not just for her but because I don't want anything else adding to Harold's guilty conscience.

If this guy isn't Control, who is?


I see Shaw's role now. She killed Wilson, whilst still remaining allies with her ex-employers. She's the loose canon. I'm sure the thumb drive she gave not!Control will be important in the future though.


Hersh stabbed her with a syringe, but it was mentioned before that they have four minutes to counteract it.


Oh yes. Team!Admin is definitely up to something.


Team!Admin includes Bear.


To say that Bear is supposed to be John's dog, he's sat closer to Harold.


I think Reese likes Shaw even more now she's mildly hurt Leon.


“I dunno. Do I look like a Doctor to you?”

Aww, Leon isn't getting paid for this, which means he's doing it as a favor. Good man.


Shaw: “For guardian Angels, you two are a bit late to the party.” At least this time Shaw takes Harold's number, as well as both his and Reese's phones before driving off in the ambulance. Harold wonders if she at least called them a taxi.

I'm sure I would have liked this episode a whole lot more if my addiction to Michael Emerson wasn't so acute. I do like Shaw, although I really don't approve of her killing Wilson, not even for revenge. I just really, really, really wish there was more Finch in this episode.