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Threesome Plus One, Doctor Who, NC-17 [Jul. 16th, 2010|01:37 am]
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Title: Threesome Plus One
Pairing: It was supposed to be Eleven/Jeff/Rory with Amy watching. It turned out Rory/Eleven, Rory/Jeff, Rory/Amy. Oops.
Word Count: 2800
Rating: NC-17, pure PWP. I never knew I had so many kinks!
Disclaimer: I really don’t own Doctor Who. In fact, I feel a little guilty pornifying such a classic family show. *blushes*
AN: Written for eleventy_kink 



Threesome plus One


The Doctor won’t stop rambling about Jeff. It’s been two years, at least from Amy and Rory’s perspective, and the Doctor is still hung up on Amy’s very good-looking friend. He’s also hung up on whatever was on Jeff’s laptop.


“I’m telling you Rory that man needs to get laid.” The Doctor tells him. “It’s not healthy for a man’s sex drive to be so attached to zeros and ones. 900 years experience has taught me one thing, 1s and 0s can never make up for flesh and blood, not when it comes down to the most carnal instincts-“


“Then why don’t you just fuck him and get it over with?” Rory is surprised by his own outburst. Amy giggles. “I just mean... well, he’s never gonna make the first move. He’s ridiculously shy... which is crazy since all the girls dig him, which he would know if he ever had the nerve to talk to them. I talk to girls, and all they talk about is Jeff. Surrounded by girls, no one even noticed me as a boy and you’re just the same. All the girls got crushes on him and I had to hear all about it. Even Amy’s never had a crush on me!”


“What’s so great about crushes, huh?” The Doctor asks, nudging Rory’s shoulder with his own. “A crush, it’s just lust, nothing more. You’re like a puppy, you can’t get a crush on a puppy.”


“Puppies make the girls squeal.” Rory retorts. “No one has ever squealed about me.”


“Not to your face, no.” The Doctor mutters. “You’re the lovable puppy: everybody’s faithful companion, human’s best friend; always there to lick away somebody’s tears when they’re sad, snuggling up and being too cute to kick out of bed. You’re the puppy and you can’t deny it.” The Doctor gloats, ruffling Rory’s soft mousy hair. “Jeff, on the other hand, is a walking ball of sexual tension.”


“Then maybe you should go back and fuck him.” Rory suggests, more seriously. “I’m just sick of listening to a broken record. I think that’s why I like looking after coma patients so much. They don’t talk.” Rory mentally apologises for that last remark. “You should sleep with him Doctor. A buddy fuck would do wonders for his shyness. Not to mention, he’d be a legend in Leadworth.”


“Why don’t you join me?” The Doctor offers, making Amy splutter. Rory rushes over to pat her on the back. “You’re his buddy, aren’t you?”


“Not exactly.” Rory flinches as he admits it. “Although there’s a petty part of me that wants to take you up on your offer just to see how big his dick is... and if it’s bigger than mine, hide in the TARDIS and never come out again.”


“It’s not.” Amy tells him, smiling sweetly.


“And just how do you know that?”


“I saw it when I was sixteen.” She replies.


“Well, it might have changed a bit since then.” Rory points out, reluctantly. “And whilst we’re on the subject,” Rory turns to the Doctor. “What are the similarities and differences of your anatomy? And how long had it been? I want Jeff to get laid, not hurt-“


“It’s been a while.” The Doctor admits, making Amy smirk. “Which is why you should talk me through it.” The Doctor states, his tone hopeful. Rory sighs, looking to Amy. Amy shrugs, a playful grin on her face.


“I get to watch.”




The Doctor (less raggedy), Rory Williams and Amy Pond randomly appear in Jeff’s bedroom. According to the Doctor’s watch it is a year before the Doctor returned for Amy, a year before Rory’s stag do, a year after the Doctor told Jeff to get a girlfriend. Jeff is still huddled over his laptop, oblivious to the others in his room. He’s naked, his hand pumping an already erect dick.


“Well, that should make things easier.” The Doctor mutters, sighing, because Jeff still hasn’t recognised there presence. If he doesn’t soon this thing might be over before it has a chance to get started. “We’re here to have sex with you.” The Doctor announces, rather loudly.


“We?” Jeff and Rory question.


“Well, I’m just here to watch.” Amy supplies helpfully.


“Me too! I thought I was just here to supervise.” Rory exclaims, as the Doctor is fumbling with the zipper of his body warmer. The zipper is stuck and Rory is tempted to tell everybody that it’s a sign, but he’s not superstitious and Amy’s undressing, sliding her tights down her legs before stepping out of them. Rory straightens the teeth of his zipper so it goes down smoothly. The Doctor’s hands immediately slide under Rory’s t-shirt as he tries to kiss him but Rory turns his head. “No kissing.” Rory states, ignoring the Doctor’s disappointed look, instead focussing on Jeff’s excited one.


Jeff has gathered up the courage to stand up, to approach Rory and the Doctor, Jeff’s fingers tracing Rory’s lips before tracing the Doctor’s swollen ones. Jeff kisses the Doctor, tongue coming out too quickly to play...


“Are you trying to drown me?” The Doctor accuses severely. Jeff splutters his apologies. Rory growls.


“Watch this.” Rory orders, before kissing the Doctor. A chaste kiss to begin with. “Start with an innocent kiss, to gauge your partner’s response.” The Doctor’s eyes are closed, so Rory strokes the Doctor’s cheek, the Doctor’s lips part slightly at the sensation. Rory engages in an open mouthed kiss without tongue. The Doctor proceeds eagerly, heating up the kiss, his tongue peeking out to trace Rory’s lips and teeth, the roof of his mouth. Rory rolls his eyes at the intrusion but he gives as good as he gets, his tongue massaging the Doctor’s, his hand snaking through the Doctor’s hair and causing the Doctor to moan, which makes Rory decide to end the kiss. The Doctor whines, but his eyes are still closed as he savours the sensation. “Kissing isn’t a science Jeff, it’s a sensation, a shared sensation. If it feels good, if you make your partner feel good, that’s what counts.” Rory looks to Amy to back him up. After all, she’s the kiss-o-gram.


“You might want to get the Doctor out of his clothes before he comes.” Amy suggests. “Could get messy.”




Rory begins undressing the Doctor whilst Jeff just stands there, eyes wide and breathing heavily, not flapping helplessly but not being very useful.


“Look lively.” The Doctor tells Jeff and Jeff suddenly springs to live, tugging at Rory’s t-shirt and almost ripping it.


“Whoa there, big fella.” Rory tells him. “Respect the threads. I’ll handle this, you go undress the Doctor.” Jeff does, his fingers making quick work of the bowtie, ripping off a few of the Doctor’s buttons but the Doctor doesn’t seem to care. His eyes are locked on Rory. Rory, who is no hurry to get naked, whose hand teases, resting on the edge of his t-shirt, tugging it up ever so slightly, the Doctor’s mouth watering at that slim expanse of skin.


The Doctor is completely naked by the time Rory has just taken off his t-shirt. Rory’s hands resting on the hem of his jeans, dipping a little underneath and the Doctor is close to sobbing in need. Jeff’s hand is clumsily masturbating the Doctor and the Doctor feebly tries to reciprocate but he’s distracted.


“Please, Rory.” The Doctor begs. “I came here for sex, not to be tortured.”


“I’m giving you sex!” Jeff complains.


“You two, you’re so impatient!” Rory says. “I guess some people like that. What about you Amy? Are you in the mood for something slow, something a little more aesthetically pleasing? Frenzied sex is usually clumsy and not very pretty. You should be more thoughtful that that.”


“I thought sex was a sensation, not a science.” Jeff recalls.


“And have you ever experienced slow and sensual?” Rory questions, his fingers caressing the length of Jeff’s dick, feeling it twitch. “Amy? What would you like to watch?”


“She’s allowed to join in if she wants.” The Doctor dismisses. “Stop being so faithful!” He tells Rory. “Stop worrying about her needs, if she wants it she’ll get it. What about you?” The Doctor asks, his eyes focussing on Rory’s lips.


“Well,” Rory looks to Amy. The Doctor tilts Rory’s head to look back at him.  “I was enjoying torturing you. Maybe even torturing Jeff if he could have taken his eyes off you. I want to put on a show and make it good for everybody.”


“Of course you do, Rory.” The Doctor sighs shakily. “Now please get naked.”


Rory nods, knowing he will do... in his own time.




Finally, Rory is naked. They’re all naked, all apart from Amy, who is still wearing her t-shirt and skirt. Rory is still being frustratingly skittish, not joining in the physical activities, mostly watching and searching Jeff’s bedroom. The Doctor is busy giving Jeff a blowjob, after Jeff had tried to give him a blowjob the Doctor figured this would be more pleasurable. He’s trying to focus, but he can feel Rory, there but far away. It’s not until he can feel Rory’s hand on his bare back that he begins to relax.


“When you’re done there I have condoms and lube.” Rory informs them both. “Have you ever been fucked by a man, Jeff?” Hearing Rory say those words, it’s enough to make the Doctor moan, even with Jeff’s cock in his mouth. Jeff is sweating, unable to form coherent words, he manages to shake his head. “It’ll hurt, but I’ll try to be gentle. But only if you’re okay with it. Do you want it? Do you want me to fuck you?”


“I want- I want- fuck!” Jeff exclaims. The Doctor swallows, pulling a face.


“You could have warned me.” The Doctor scolds him. Jeff doesn’t even have the sense to look sheepish, too blissed out. “And you!” The Doctor turns to Rory, wiping the semen from his chin with the back of his hand. “What do you have planned for me?”


“Put on this condom.” Rory tosses him a flavoured foil-covered condom. “And after I’ve fucked Jeff, I’ll suck you off. I’ve never given a blow-job before, never fucked a man before, but I understand physiology. You’re not that different, are you Doctor? And I’ve read about Time Lord stamina. I look forward to the challenge.”


The Doctor whimpers, his shaking hands tearing into the condom as he struggles to put in on his erect cock, the pressure almost enough to set him off. His hands rest on his stomach, on his hip bone and he’s itching to touch. He watches helplessly as Rory puts on a rubber glove, goodness know where he got that. Rory squeezes the lube onto the glove, fingering Jeff’s butthole, making sure he doesn’t flinch. Jeff trusts Rory, his eyes closed as Rory’s finger push past the muscle, stretching him ever so slowly.


Jeff feels ever so slightly absurd, lying on his back on the bed with his butt in the air, Rory’s fingers inside him. Then Rory does a little flick, a tiny movement inside him and Jeff almost shoots off the bed.


“What the fuck was that?” Jeff cries out as the Doctor bites his lips, marvelling at Rory’s agile hands, finding Jeff’s  sweet spot so quickly, not quick enough though as the Doctor’s patience is wearing thin, his cock is past the point of being painfully hard and he’s lost all ability to think clearly. He just wants. But he’s willing to wait.


“It was your prostate.” Rory informs him. “Women have them too, in their front end.” Amy feels the strangest urge to giggle at that, at Rory’s euphemism but that urge is curbed when she sees just how aroused the Doctor is. “You stroke a woman’s prostate right and she can ejaculate-“ Jeff comes again, Rory’s gloved fingers still inside him. “Just like that.” Rory sighs, because he hasn’t even got a condom on yet. It’s his own fault, he should have seen how close Jeff was. Not that Jeff is complaining. In fact, he’s snoring. Fast asleep.


“My turn.” The Doctor speaks.




“I want to suck you.” The Doctor says, the words out of his mouth before he has a chance to stop them. “Please Rory. I need to taste you. I can still taste Jeff and I want you. Please?”


“I thought you wanted me on my knees, servicing you.” Rory states, surprised. The Doctor is about to question his choice of words, when Amy interrupts.


“Honestly, Rory, Doctor. Does the number 69 mean nothing to you?” She smirks. It doesn’t mean anything to the Doctor, but he’s satisfied to let himself be guided onto the floor, his sweat soaking into the carpet as Rory lays on top of him, his groin near the Doctor’s head as Rory starts eagerly sucking on the Doctor’s watermelon flavoured, condom coated cock.


Rory’s working up a sweat, trying not to collapse on the Doctor, holding his weight up as his lips move up and down on the Doctor’s cock. Somehow, the Doctor finds the presence of mind and take Rory’s cock into his mouth. Without the gag reflexes of normal human being he is able to deep-throat Rory quite expertly. Rory matches the Doctor’s rhythm, even if he can’t go as deep but it doesn’t seem to matter, the sounds the Doctor makes are very loud and Rory feels a strange mix of embarrassment and pride.


Rory is close. So he shifts all of his weight onto his right arm, using his left hand to masturbate the Doctor, firm and steady tugs although a little slow and awkward because of the angle. He warns the Doctor that he’s close, that he’s going to come. He expects the Doctor to turn away, but instead the Doctor takes him deeper, deep enough that Rory can feel the Doctor’s throat muscles around the base of his cock as the Doctor flattens his tongue against the prick, tasting the pre-come, coaxing the come out and letting it fill his mouth, savouring the salty bitter taste and only releasing Rory’s dick a few minutes later, once it is limp.


Simultaneous orgasms are incredibly rare to the point of Rory suspecting they’re a myth. Except, the moment the Doctor tasted Rory’s come, he flooded the watermelon flavoured condom he wore with his own. The liquid was greyish, but that may have been tainted by the colour of the condom. Rory peels the condom off, tying a knot in it. A part of him is tempted to do scientific tests on it, so he knows what he is swallowing for next time. It’s a guilty thought, which makes Rory stumble to his feet, away from the Doctor and the Doctor pouts.




“I thought you were a puppy!” The Doctor cries. “Puppies snuggle.”


“Maybe,” Rory can’t deny that snuggling with the Doctor does seem mightily appealing at the moment but he can’t, not yet. “But I need to tend to my Mistress first.”


“Can we get a collar for him?” The Doctor asks sleepily.


“Hmm, I am thinking of getting tags to make him wear.” Amy says slyly.  “Tags which say, Property of Amelia Pond. That way, you know he’s mine, and I can make you beg whenever you want to play with him.” Rory’s heart beats a little quicker at that idea, as well as the sound of longing the Doctor makes in the back of his throat. But now, he nuzzles against Amy’s neck, hinting for a kiss which she eagerly gives him.


“Can I play with you, now?” Rory asks, so politely.


“Can I watch?” The Doctor asks, punctuated with a yawn.


“If you can.” Amy smirks, but the Doctor can not keep his eyes open, his orgasm so intense that his body needs sleep to recuperate.


“Was it good?” Rory questions, in need of her approval.


“Rory,” She chuckles, amazed. “You placed a Time Lord and a... Jeff, masturbation expert, into a sex coma!”


“I meant for you.” Rory adds. “Was it good for you?” Amy doesn’t answer, she just takes his hand and guides it under her skirt. She’s not wearing any knickers and the dampness between her legs is so severe it is starting to drip down her thighs. Oh yeah, she’s very aroused and she makes a mental note to start telling Rory that more, since he’s so adorably clueless.


Rory falls gracefully to his knees as he starts to lick her pussy, his tongue flicking over the clit and within seconds she’s writhing in pleasure. She definitely wants to get some tags for Rory, to claim him as her own. She can’t wait to marry him, it’s just a piece of paper but the implications of it send a thrill down her spine. She’s so lucky, and now Jeff and the Doctor know just how lucky she is.





[User Picture]From: kesomon
2010-07-16 10:19 am (UTC)
Oh yes, well done bloody good kinky porn. And excellent use of Rory's fantastic Nursey knowledge of sexual anatomy.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: beautybecks
2010-07-16 10:52 am (UTC)
Thank you *hugs* I was starting to get a little paranoid that maybe Rory's came off too clinical, so thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated. Thanks for reading and commenting x
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: ireadabook
2010-07-16 03:15 pm (UTC)
“We’re here to have sex with you.” The Doctor announces, rather loudly.
(I snorted tea out my nose. And I wasn't drinking tea.)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: beautybecks
2010-07-16 03:20 pm (UTC)
Lol! Oops. This Doctor does seem rather blunt and forward about that kind of thing.

Rory: So you kissed her back?
Doctor: No. I kissed her mouth.
(Vampires of Venice)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: fififolle
2010-07-16 06:35 pm (UTC)

“Well, that should make things easier.” The Doctor mutters, sighing, because Jeff still hasn’t recognised there presence. If he doesn’t soon this thing might be over before it has a chance to get started. “We’re here to have sex with you.” The Doctor announces, rather loudly.
“We?” Jeff and Rory question.
“Well, I’m just here to watch.” Amy supplies helpfully.

Wonderful stuff :D Also hot \o/
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: beautybecks
2010-07-16 07:22 pm (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading, and for commenting x

Always happy to help people laugh, it's what Who does, isn't it?
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: lizzledpink
2010-07-17 12:39 am (UTC)
Just... Hilarious and kinky and I don't even know WHAT else... :D

And you know, Jeff STILL needs a girlfriend. /snickers/

Oh, love it. Perfectly in character (well, once you get past the whole unlikely-their-relationship-would-ever-develop-like-this-except-in-fanfic bit). Hilarious lines - Rory, somehow managing to turn everybody on while speaking clinically about how to arouse somebody... Doctor, declaring they are here to have sex with Jeff... Amy, watching (a delicious flashback to the Eleventh Hour if you ask me)... Brilliant. <3
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: beautybecks
2010-07-17 11:08 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for the detailed feedback, it is very reassuring and very gratifying. Thanks for reading and letting me know you enjoyed it *hugs*
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)